I am blessed to be connected with some amazing people, and we have come together in different ways from different paths. It is an honor to be associated with such beautiful folk. 

Wayne Pollock & James Brice Jr.

The Wayne James Xperience founding members are Bassist/Producer Wayne Pollock and Pianist/Producer James Brice Jr.


In October of 2012, the duo decided that the time had come to share their music with the world and the album "Look At Me Now" was the culmination of their efforts. Their music is a smooth blend of contemporary Urban Jazz and Neo-soul, seasoned with gospel and dipped in funk.


To learn more about The Wayne James Xperience, click here. 


To listen to clips from their CD and purchase their music, please visit CDBaby.



Greg Marshall was an innocent youngster-turned-gangster whose journey took him from the dangerous streets of South Central Los Angeles to the Deep South in Natchez, Mississippi.


A life of crime and several stints in prison led up to him being shot and left for dead in a drug deal gone bad, forcing him into the ultimate struggle for survival.


His story is one of pain, despair, crime, love, healing—all leading to where he is today—hoping to make a positive difference in the lives of others and becoming a beacon of hope for those who need it most.


You can read more about Greg by visiting his website



Ever since he was a little boy, Puerto Rican born Carlos Eton has lived an unconventional life, his personal history resembling a curious and quirky youth coloring outside the lines. His unique experiences are reflected in his love of musical and comical diversity. 

Carlos Eton's music captures his passionately animated spirit, as well as his respect for his musical influences: Jimmy Buffet, Santana, George Carlin, Steely Dan, Rodney Dangerfield, Reel Big Fish, Frank Zappa, Return To Forever, Colin Mochrie, and Eric Clapton.

His music is a rare and remarkable gem of emotion, humor, and enthusiasm.

Before becoming a solo artist, Carlos Eton was a public speaker, online comedy show host, teacher, standup comedian, improvisation artist, computer programmer, and multimedia consultant. CarlosEton.com

Dulani Moore is an interfaith minister, inspirational speaker, facilitator and spiritual teacher who has successfully helped individuals and couples design and build the lives they desired.


Dulani's no nonsense style challenges clients to become aware of how they hold themselves back while showing them how to reclaim their power to choose their course and experience in life. He is transparent, witty and dynamic and sure to captivate and encourage all who are in his presence.


Please visit Dulani's Facebook page and his website, www.dulanimoore.com.

Kev Hutch is a HEAVY MENTAL EMCEE, the last breed of EMCEE‘s, hailing from the Upper West Side of Manhattan. He experienced hip-hop up close and personal.


After moving to Harlem in the 90's, Hutch worked as a set designer for films such as, “Strictly Business“, “Fly by Night“, and “Who's the Man”.


Kev had radio promos on New York City's 98.7 Kiss FM and New York City’s Hot 97, The DJ Red Alert's show.


Kev reaches out to the masses being spoon-fed fabricated, over-commercialized zombified, so-called hip-hop. He is very articulate about what he brings to the business. He definitely is a work in progress in the future of Hip-Hop.


You can find Kev on Facebook, Reverbnation, and YouTube.

Mario Hemsley is the creator and developer of the Pax Stereo NeoUrban Internet Television Network, a collection of independently produced and directed programs and media portals featuring a new global entertainment community.


They are a new breed of upstart companies that are actively working to empower independent artists, labels, and producers. 


Don't miss his shows, "Morning Coffee with Mario" and Tuesday night's "Quiet Storm," where the viewers have the opportunity to be the DJs.


Visit Mario on Facebook and PaxStereo.tv.

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