Perfect Xpressions came about when I started painting years ago. I quickly found that I could express myself through more than just canvases and oil paints.



I expanded my crafts to making bead and wire jewelry, and then added a few other streams - proofreading, editing, and writing.



I never thought I'd be doing anything like graphic design or building websites, and it was an unplanned avenue. 


My friend Greg Marshall asked if I could create some flyers for him, and although I didn't know much about design, let alone photoshop or other editors, I tentatively (and with many butterflies in my stomach) said, "Yes." 



Later on he asked if I knew who could build him a website. I didn't. After a week or two he asked again, and I said well, I do have iWeb on my computer, I think I can just make you one (I had started to put together one for myself but it didn't get finished).



A couple weeks later I had completed it, and he had his first website! A year later we realized that things were picking up and we needed to get to the next level, so the second (better and beautiful) website was born! 



I then built my own custom website and had so much fun doing it that decided that I would offer my services to help those who had no inclination to build a site, nor the time to do so. Thanks to Greg's support and total trust in me, I learned more than I ever thought I could about design, and actually LOVE doing it! 


Perfect Xpressions goes to show that art comes in many forms, not just from a paintbrush.