I wonder what the cover will look like?

Finding Becca: The Remembrance of My Passionate, Juicy, Divine Self


Some of you know (and many of you didn't until now) that I am writing my memoir. A few friends mentioned several times over the past several years that I should write my story, but I didn't think ANYONE would be interested in knowing about me. 


I really didn't plan on writing a memoir. A self-help book perhaps, but memoir? However, the Universe works in mysterious ways. A conversation with someone lit a fire in my belly. Now, that fire was not excitement, it was pure, unadulterated anger. "I'll show YOU!" was my silent reply.


The next day I had an outline done, as well as the first few chapters. I can't say that this book is being birthed in anger, because after the first 2 hours I realized that I felt GOOD about this project, and I knew it was going to be extremely cathartic to write my story. 


Writing has felt like giving birth. Pleasure. Pain. Tears. Agony. Joy. 


This book is a raw look at life through my eyes - the happiness, despair, and the experiences I had to live through that were all important and necessary to remind me of my true self.

** Update: I've made some revisions to the manuscript and have decided to add some new material, not to mention I've also been in perfection mode...which entails ripping apart the manuscript over and over til it feels right. It will be published in 2017, after I'm finished revising and getting it into the hands of an editor. Soon!! 


I am also working on an outline of a juicy book of short stories and poems, which will be available later this year!