Graphic design projects will be done on a very limited basis due to time constraints. Inquiries? Please email me. 

Graphic Design

Do you need a logo? An ad? A flyer? Perfect Xpressions can help!


Whether you are an individual, small business, or corporation, I can fill your graphic design needs.


Types of design projects I do:





CD covers



eBook Covers


The design process moves in several stages.


The first step is ommunication between designer and client to determine the type of project needed. This includes filling out a design questionnaire so I can get a ‘feel’ for what the client wants to project.

Second, preliminary design samples are sent to the client for review, and client chooses (signs off) which design they will use. This includes all revisions and changes. 

The final stage is completion and delivery of final design/project. 


Graphic design is much more than opening photoshop and creating something catchy. Many factors are involved in developing a design that will convey the client’s needs.


Research must be done to be sure the design does not closely replicate other well known and copyrighted designs.

Font choice - research licensed font and/or public domain font, depending on needs of client.

If photos are used, they may need to be cleaned up, resized, or edited.

Image search: sometimes clients would like to use stock images with license usage. The usage license and photo fee will not be included in the cost of the design, and must be paid for by the client before implementing into the design.


The client will own the final design, and it is recommended that the design, especially if it is a logo, be registered and licensed/copyrighted.


Payment follows this schedule:


30% deposit* to begin project

30% due after design sign-off (see step 2 above)

40% due at completion of project

*initial deposits are non-refundable.


For graphic design jobs, I charge by the project. Completion time depends on complexity of project, and this will be discussed before starting the project.


Logo (simple, 1 or 2 colors/layers) 

Logo (complex, 3 or more colors/layers) 

Ads (small, simple, single or dual layer) 

Ads (larger, complex, three or more layers) 

Flyers, posters 

CD covers (front, back and 2 inner panels, including verbiage)

eBook covers 

Custom social media buttons (set of 3)


Please contact me for project design rates.


Fees include initial and second consultation with client regarding design, logos, and any changes that need to be made.


Payment is accepted via PayPal.

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