"I was moved by Reiki session I had. Without having uttered one word the results were pinpoint accuracy. The energy transmitted from me to my Reiki practitioner focused on pain in her knee, specifically the right one, and that she was having some discomfort in the center of her chest. Both of which was dead on the spot with my symptoms. I was emotionally moved by what the session had disclosed about me, for I have constant sharp chest pains and a right knee that can be worrisome. I was confused, pleasantly surprised, and very relieved. I was inspired to try a new plan of letting go of old, useless, negative energy; because silently it is taking hold of my body, in a not so positive way. This is just my testimonial to my experience and what an awakening Reiki was for me.  ~ S.H.

“My very first experience with long-distance Reiki was completely amazing. Not only was I increasingly aware that balance was returning to me during this process, but I clearly retained the benefits (and sense of well-being) for many hours afterwards. I cannot recommend it strongly enough! I am a believer!” ~ Mike, Atlanta, GA

“I truly enjoy working with Becca. She is a skilled Reiki Healer. Sensitive and empathetic, Becca can actually feel your energy blockages and pains. She has the ability to move and manipulate the energy within and around you, if you are open to it, to ease the areas where energy is stagnant or blocked in and around your body. I usually leave a session with her feeling more invigorated and clear minded, as if I’ve had a shot of coffee. I often reach out to Becca to be blessed by her gift, I’d recommend you do the same.” ~ Dulani

“Thank you so much for the reiki treatment. I carry a lot of pain, sadness, anxiety and fear, and this session helped to pinpoint the things that I need to mentally unpack and let go of, if it's no longer serving me or that is toxic to my well being, in order to heal physically. The pain in between my shoulder blades lessoned and when I felt the tears, they did hurt, but it was a good hurt in that I was able to acknowledge and release them. Overall, the reiki treatment was the beginning of my heart and body telling me that I have to let go to receive.” ~ Patricia

"Becca did energy work on me the other day and I wanted to share just how wonderful it was!!
I have fibromyalgia and many other bone and joint issues that carry extensive relentless pain... often time unbearable.
I have been suffering with severe shoulder pain that kept me awake many nights with no end in sight and nothing that helped ease the pain. There was much pain in my neck, back, fingers and just everywhere. Until Becca worked her magic on me that is!! I felt absolutely wonderful the next morning!! None of my usual fatigue and heavy duty morning pain! I was elated! I had lots of energy and was virtually pain free! I was really amazed!! It usually takes me a very long time to get moving in the morning due to the pain and stiffness...but after Becca worked her beautiful magic on me I literally felt 20 years younger and had lots of energy... I hopped out of bed and went straight into my morning chores... which I can never do!
Becca really knows what she's doing and I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone having and kind of pain! Even if you have no pain... the beautiful energy that flows thru her will astound you and undoubtedly help make your day wonderful!! I simply cannot thank you enough, Becca!! I am anxious for my next session!!! God Bless you darlin!!" ~ Kit