If you ask me how I'd describe myself, my first reaction would be to say, I'm a writer, intuitive healer, reiki practitioner, artist, and lover of life. 


Those descriptions, however, are what I DO.


So, who AM I? 


I am a woman who has had an interesting journey on this planet in this lifetime. I am you, them, us. I am Goddess, Love, and the Divine walking this plane as ME. 


I am a mirror and a sponge. I am a teacher as well as a student. I am a being who gets to play around at life and allow others to see it through my eyes and actions. I deliver messages as well as receive them. 


I am a creator. Whether I speak to you via writing, art, reiki, or dowsing, oracles or channeling, you can be sure that everything I do is done with love...for all who are willing to accept. 

Me 4.20 straight hair bw portrait transp